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Please have designated frozen drink machine placement area clean from obstruction and ready for delivery. For faster freeze time please place alcohol in freezer and have 3 gallons of ice cold water ready upon our arrival.

Adult beverages with alcohol equates to 5 gallons of frozen drink or 70 (7 oz cups). Kid friendly and non-alcohol beverages equate to 4 gallons or 55 (7 oz cups).

Frozen Drink Machines are delivered on a heavy duty Rubbermaid cart and should not be moved after delivery. Frozen drink machines need to be placed by a dedicated 110 circuit with at least 15-20 amps. This means nothing else should be plugged in to same circuit or else the frozen drink machine will not work properly thus causing it not to freeze. Please do not use extension cords unless provided my Drinking Margaritas.

No Ice Is Required!! 30 minutes to 1 hour freeze time is required depending on whether alcohol is used and or machine placement. We recommend frozen drink machines be placed indoors or in a shaded area for best performance. Temperature and or humidity can affect freezing time.

Yes, the machines are super easy to operate! (Flip of a switch and the party is on). No, leave the cleaning of the machine to us just sit back and enjoy the party. We will deliver your machine, mix the first batch for you, and give you full instructions. It’s that easy!!!

Drinking Margaritas provides their customers with, state of the art, stainless steel commercial grade 5 gallon frozen drink machines.

Absolutely!!! Our frozen drink machines are made for alcohol and non-alcohol use. We have a large selection of kid friendly party mixes. Please call us for our selection.

No, our mixes do not have alcohol in them. Our mixes are kid friendly and are delicious without alcohol for any occasion. However alcohol can be added for a tasty adult frozen drink.

No, TABC laws prohibit us from providing the alcohol for our customers. Customers are required to provide their own alcohol.

Absolutely Not!!! Our frozen drink machine rental rates include Free Delivery in our designated service area. If you feel like you are out of our area, please call for a quote.

Drinking Margaritas accepts Cash, Visa and MasterCard.

Availability varies since it is first come first serve. However 1-2 weeks advance notice is  always recommended. Peak Holidays and Events, (New Years Eve, Super Bowl, July 4th,  Mardi Gras, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), at least a month in advance is recommended.